Saturday, 20 July 2013

We stopped by the beach at Linda Mar with friends for a little while to watch the Kahuna Kapana surf contest. Waves were on the small side and not breaking well, and it was pretty gusty, so we didn't stay too long.
All images Copyright © 2013 by Dave Olson unless otherwise noted. Pictures are taken mostly on my Nikon S9500, and most have links to the google map location where they were taken (if the GPS worked).

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KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-143056.mp4 Movie 38 Seconds (14MB)
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-144300 thumbnail
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-144312 thumbnail
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-144828 thumbnail
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-144835 thumbnail
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-144842 thumbnail
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-145209 thumbnail
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-145213 thumbnail
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-145316.mp4 Movie 17 Seconds (5.8MB)
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-145408.mp4 Movie 16 Seconds (5.5MB)
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-145428.mp4 Movie 11 Seconds (3.8MB)
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-150558.mp4 Movie 8 Seconds (2.6MB)
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-150736.mp4 Movie 15 Seconds (5.2MB)
KahunaSurf_2013-07-20-150908.mp4 Movie 19 Seconds (6.5MB)
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