26 Feb 2011

Finished up a chilly day with a raptor walk at Wavecrest. Saw red-shoulder, red-tail, and Coopers hawks, kestrels, kites (including kiting, where they hover for up to a minute), and lots of owl pellets, as well as a few non-raptor birds. Not great photography conditions for a simple digital camera, and I had it in black and white... I did get a few movies of kites flying. After coming home, I went out and got a few sunset shots and movies.

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raptors_2011-02-26-153923 thumbnail
raptors_2011-02-26-154138 thumbnail
raptors_2011-02-26-154356 thumbnail
raptors_2011-02-26-154809.mp4 Movie (3.2MB)
raptors_2011-02-26-154827.mp4 Movie (6.9MB)
raptors_2011-02-26-161038.mp4 Movie (1.4MB)
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sunset_2011-02-26-182931 thumbnail
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sunset_2011-02-26-183143 thumbnail
sunset_2011-02-26-183203 thumbnail
sunset_2011-02-26-183238 thumbnail
sunset_2011-02-26-183524.mp4 Movie (16MB)
sunset_2011-02-26-183615.mp4 Movie (15MB)
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