29 Jan 2012

I took an afternoon hike up Montara Mt, and some other hikers pointed out a whale, just south of Gray Whale Cove. Then I stopped at the old mine shaft, headed up the rocks, on to the top, and then down one of the mountain biker trails to the saddle. A very nice day. This the first time I've seen a whale from on land. We've been told we should be able to see quite a few towards March.

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MontaraMt_2012-01-29-133442.mp4 Movie (15MB) The whale is on surface as I pan left (I didn't see it, or I would have paused!), just under surface at upper right, last few seconds.
MontaraMt_2012-01-29-133538.mp4 Movie (11MB) The whale is spouting, towards the top, about half way through this movie.
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