18 Feb 2012

I hiked up from Ember Ridge in south Moss Beach past Alamo St, up the ridge to the end of the trail, and beyond into the eucalyptus.

A fair number of wildflowers (but windy enough that it was hard to get pictures), and I got a short movie of a young coyote. The end of the trail is on the ridge up above the end of Rivera St (Montara). Lots of wood rat nests up there!

I'd wanted to get further up to the eucalyptus in the past, but couldn't find a way through the chapparal. Somebody has done enough brush clearing to make it possible to find a way through now, with some effort. There's evidence of an old fence line, and perhaps an old tail, but I still haven't found a way to get through the chapparal above the eucalyptus.

As best as I can tell from google aerial views, I wound up at 37.549919,-122.48539 , and there appears to be a GGNRA land corridor continuing all the way to the North Peak. It looks like I could easily go down the hill through the eucalyptus to the end of Rivera St., which is (unfortunately for being able to do an interesting loop) still private. You can get the new GGNRA map for Ranch Corral that shows the start of the route (as well as the rest of the area).

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