6 Jan 2013

I hiked up to the knoll above the middle creek, then cross country around the back of two small valleys, then back onto the trails, and back on the beach. Cross country was mostly pretty easy, except crossing the creek valley (pretty thick brush). The waves at Montara Beach continue to be quite dramatic, as they have been for the past week.
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Montara_2013-01-06-145150 thumbnail Top of the knoll, before I started cross country.
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Montara_2013-01-06-151619 thumbnail Standing on top of the knoll. Lots of golf balls; somebody has been using the area as the "putting green" for driving golf balls, probably from the ridge above.
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Montara_2013-01-06-152905 thumbnail Probably Helvella lacunosa (a morel)
Montara_2013-01-06-152911 thumbnail Probably Helvella lacunosa (a morel)
Montara_2013-01-06-152943 thumbnail Probably Helvella lacunosa (a morel)
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Montara_2013-01-06-161105.mp4 Movie (8.1MB)
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