Saturday, 7 December 2013

I went up the "Spine" trail from Moss Beach, which was recently cleared. The first time I went up there, a lot was still through very heavily overgrown chapparal (the old firebreak road was there, but not cleared in years). It connects to a PG&E access road, and is an out and back hike. It was pretty chilly (low 50's), and windy, but trail was in great condition, despite last night's heavy rain.

I had been hoping to make it to the top of the mountain, but the PG&E access road is also very overgrown, so I went up as high as I could partially cross-country, to where the picture that I sent was taken.

Got back about 15 minutes after sunset. GPS stats say:
    3 Hr 19m hiking (a few brief stops for pictures)
    47m paused (rest at the top, and a long pause on the
    way up, mostly). 1900 feet total elevation gain, and descent

The trail goes basicly up a ridge to near the top of Montara Mtn, so has a few places where it goes up and over knolls, adding a few hundred feet of extra gain (I topped out at about 1600 feet).

Looks like from the GPS track that I may have crossed slightly into the SF water district lands, although I was trying to avoid it. I did not see a fenceline on this hike.

There was also a nice sunset, with interesting clouds.

All images Copyright © 2013 by Dave Olson unless otherwise noted. Pictures are from my Iphone 5S, and have links to the google map location where they were taken.

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SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-131959 thumbnail 37.52882,-122.49018 Elev:130m

37°31'43''N 122°29'24''W Elev:130m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-132428 thumbnail 37.53058,-122.48756 Elev:140m

37°31'50''N 122°29'15''W Elev:140m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-133107 thumbnail 37.53291,-122.48395 Elev:177m

37°31'58''N 122°29'2''W Elev:177m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-133139 thumbnail 37.53293,-122.48395 Elev:181m

37°31'58''N 122°29'2''W Elev:181m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-134405 thumbnail 37.53779,-122.47762 Elev:229m

37°32'16''N 122°28'39''W Elev:229m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-135445 thumbnail 37.54180,-122.47258 Elev:276m

37°32'30''N 122°28'21''W Elev:276m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-135456 thumbnail 37.54180,-122.47258 Elev:277m

37°32'30''N 122°28'21''W Elev:277m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-140021a thumbnail 37.54294,-122.47157 Elev:281m

37°32'34''N 122°28'17''W Elev:281m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-144004 thumbnail 37.55033,-122.46963 Elev:393m

37°33'1''N 122°28'10''W Elev:393m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-151828 thumbnail 37.55243,-122.47344 Elev:492m

37°33'8''N 122°28'24''W Elev:492m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-151842 thumbnail 37.55243,-122.47344 Elev:492m

37°33'8''N 122°28'24''W Elev:492m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-151859 thumbnail 37.55243,-122.47344 Elev:492m

37°33'8''N 122°28'24''W Elev:492m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-151920 thumbnail 37.55243,-122.47345 Elev:492m

37°33'8''N 122°28'24''W Elev:492m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-151922 thumbnail 37.55243,-122.47345 Elev:492m

37°33'8''N 122°28'24''W Elev:492m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-151927 thumbnail 37.55243,-122.47345 Elev:492m

37°33'8''N 122°28'24''W Elev:492m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-160755 thumbnail 37.55006,-122.46940 Elev:402m

37°33'0''N 122°28'9''W Elev:402m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-162808 thumbnail 37.53897,-122.47554 Elev:251m

37°32'20''N 122°28'32''W Elev:251m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-162822 thumbnail 37.53897,-122.47554 Elev:251m

37°32'20''N 122°28'32''W Elev:251m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-162836 thumbnail 37.53894,-122.47554 Elev:250m

37°32'20''N 122°28'32''W Elev:250m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-162909 thumbnail 37.53879,-122.47572 Elev:247m

37°32'19''N 122°28'32''W Elev:247m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-162934 thumbnail 37.53874,-122.47582 Elev:246m

37°32'19''N 122°28'32''W Elev:246m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-163015 thumbnail 37.53846,-122.47602 Elev:245m

37°32'18''N 122°28'33''W Elev:245m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-163115 thumbnail 37.53789,-122.47670 Elev:252m

37°32'16''N 122°28'36''W Elev:252m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-163126 thumbnail 37.53787,-122.47673 Elev:248m

37°32'16''N 122°28'36''W Elev:248m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-163729 thumbnail 37.53618,-122.48114 Elev:195m

37°32'10''N 122°28'52''W Elev:195m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-163734 thumbnail 37.53618,-122.48114 Elev:196m

37°32'10''N 122°28'52''W Elev:196m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-163751 thumbnail 37.53618,-122.48114 Elev:194m

37°32'10''N 122°28'52''W Elev:194m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-163834 thumbnail 37.53601,-122.48140 Elev:185m

37°32'9''N 122°28'53''W Elev:185m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-164225 thumbnail 37.53379,-122.48358 Elev:167m

37°32'1''N 122°29'0''W Elev:167m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-164243 thumbnail 37.53379,-122.48358 Elev:168m

37°32'1''N 122°29'0''W Elev:168m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-164333 thumbnail 37.53371,-122.48366 Elev:170m

37°32'1''N 122°29'1''W Elev:170m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-164504 thumbnail 37.53262,-122.48411 Elev:165m

37°31'57''N 122°29'2''W Elev:165m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-164648 thumbnail 37.53220,-122.48489 Elev:148m

37°31'55''N 122°29'5''W Elev:148m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-164654 thumbnail 37.53220,-122.48489 Elev:149m

37°31'55''N 122°29'5''W Elev:149m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-164655 thumbnail 37.53220,-122.48489 Elev:149m

37°31'55''N 122°29'5''W Elev:149m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-164719 thumbnail 37.53211,-122.48503 Elev:146m

37°31'55''N 122°29'6''W Elev:146m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-164723 thumbnail 37.53210,-122.48504 Elev:146m

37°31'55''N 122°29'6''W Elev:146m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-170036 thumbnail 37.52841,-122.49393 Elev:98m

37°31'42''N 122°29'38''W Elev:98m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-170058 thumbnail 37.52840,-122.49389 Elev:95m

37°31'42''N 122°29'38''W Elev:95m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-170211 thumbnail 37.52814,-122.49480 Elev:96m

37°31'41''N 122°29'41''W Elev:96m (map)

SpineTrail-to-Top_2013-12-07-170234 thumbnail 37.52816,-122.49479 Elev:101m

37°31'41''N 122°29'41''W Elev:101m (map)

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