Saturday, 8 Jun 2013

I hiked up Pedro Mountain from Montara, and returned on the 1879 Half Moon Bay - Colma trail above the tunnel. Somebody has been clearing and (re)building a trail from near the top of Pedro Mountain down to the rocks above the south entrance of the tunnels, and then continuing on to connect to the old 1879 Half Moon Bay - Colma trail. I did part of that cross country, not realizing the new trail connected. I came down the face where all the tunnel excavation was deposited, into Green Valley.

It was quite foggy, and quite windy. The fog was blowing through about 20 MPH on top of Pedro Mountain, with gusts that sometimes made it difficult to keep a straight path when walking.

The new parking area and access roads at the south end of the linear trail are done, for all practical purposes. I noticed driving home on Friday from Pacifica that a lot of the paving has been finished at the north end as well, but still some to be done. Supervisor Horsley mentioned a couple of weeks ago that work was well ahead of schedule, with fewer "repairs" needed than were expected, and the park may be open sometime this fall.

I noticed for the first time that the point below the south parking lot actually seems to be an arch; I could see the water surging through from the south. Tried to get a movie of that, but it's not so obvious in the movie.

While walking south of the tunnel entrance, I noticed and took a picture of a small cave in the valley/ravine above the tunnel. I'll have to check that out on a future trip.

I tried to return through Green Valley along the old railroad grade (where the coastal trail will eventually run). Where the railroad had a fill over the creek to the south said, both the creek and the chapparal become essentially impassible, so I gave that up and returned to the highway. I did try for awhile to follow deer trails and break trail on the north side of the valley, but it's going to take some serious brush removal.

I finished up by returning on the beach. Almost had a sunset, with the sun starting to drop into the break between the fog and the clouds, but unfortunately, the fog came back in, so just a hint...

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PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-170941 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-171648 thumbnail Montara, including our house visible near the top of the picture
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-171704 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-171712 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-171838 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-172733 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-172745 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-172755 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-172818 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-175449.mp4 Movie (24MB) Trying to show the fog blowing through; it must have been 20mph from the way it was moving. Did a panorama as well.
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-175612 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-175619 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-175623 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-182715 thumbnail Looking down at the new parking lot, from near the top of Pedro Mountain
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-182722 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-182735 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-182744 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-182830 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-182836.mp4 Movie (12MB)
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-182952 thumbnail Looking almost level at the north bunker observation site, from the rocks near the westmost point of the new loop trail somebody has been clearing/building.
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183003 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183010 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183210 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183222 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183231 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183235 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183719 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183725 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183731 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183738 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183744 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183756 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183800 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183818 thumbnail Just above the 1879 Half Moon Bay - Colma road still, looking south past the beaches on down to Montara and Moss Beach
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183829 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183841 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183851 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-183901.mp4 Movie (12MB)
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-184150.mp4 Movie (15MB)
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-184325 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-184335 thumbnail Pedro Point, from where I joined the HMB Colma road. I had traversed the old road along Devil's slide from the north to where it's missing from the slides, but this was this first time I had been on the remaining southern section (except the Gray Whale Cove trail, of course), despite the fact that I can see the alignment from our living room window!
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-184348 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-184427 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-184442 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-184451 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-184913 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-184937 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185037 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185041 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185051 thumbnail The arch at the end of the point below the south tunnel parking area.
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185059 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185109.mp4 Movie (17MB) The arch at the end of the point below the south tunnel parking area; I could see the water sloshing through from the south, although I didn't hold the camera steady enough for the movie to really show it.
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185232 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185325 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185328 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185700 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185705 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185715 thumbnail This is the granite face just above the south tunnel entrance. During the opening ceremonies for the tunnel, several people were watching from here.
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185718 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185746 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185750 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185755 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185812 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185821 thumbnail I didn't realize just how many fake rocks had been built above and behind the tunnel face. Apparently done to add a sensive depth?
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185823 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185826 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185856 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185901 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-185955 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190000 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190008 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190025 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190036 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190109 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190110 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190147 thumbnail A small cave (very small) in the ravine above the south tunnel entrance
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190206 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190244 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190254 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190304 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190319 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190348 thumbnail Quite an assemblage of cemented bones; probably an owl pellet? If so, pretty good sized, since it's about 4cm in diameter. There's most of a rodent skull and skeleton present
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190400 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190441 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190607 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190613 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190638 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190718 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190800 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190821 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-190833 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-191022 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-191027 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-191123 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-200428 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-200435 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-201609 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-201619 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-201625 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-201639 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-201641 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-201653 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-201804 thumbnail
PedroMt-OldRd-Tunnel_2013-06-08-201814 thumbnail
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