Saturday, 28 September 2013

We hiked from our house up Montara Mountain, via the knoll to the Alta Vista trail (past the recent fire), and saw some recently cleared pines on the knoll just north of the fire (where all the golf balls are). PG&E has cleared the "trail" between the power line poles, so that it's possible to get from the Alta Vista trail over to the valley and trail up to the north peak, although we didn't try that route this time (we came down that way a couple of New Years ago). We spent some time on top of Peak Mountain (the peak that that Alta Vista trail goes over, with the rock cairn), and sitting by the wind cave (watching a rather slow lizard). Then we headed back home down the North Access road. It was a beautiful day. There were a surprising number of flowers still blooming.

On the way home, I noticed for the first time that the bridge over Martini Creek has a troll. I guess I was sensitized by all the articles about the Bay Bridge Troll...

All images Copyright © 2013 by Dave Olson unless otherwise noted. Pictures are taken mostly on my Nikon S9500, and most have links to the google map location where they were taken (if the GPS worked).

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MontaraMt_2013-09-28-113833 thumbnail Our house is just barely visible at top center.
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MontaraMt_2013-09-28-124705 thumbnail Our house is just visible at top center.
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MontaraMt_2013-09-28-125136.mp4 Movie 83 Seconds (30MB) Panorama movie from the top of Peak Mountain.
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