Devil's Slide, Sunday, 16 February 2014

A group of us went for a hike as part of the Trail Ambassador program to get the birds used to hikers, before the park officially opens on 21 March. This is the old highway, the 1.4 mile section bypassed by the tunnel.

We started out with a brief talk with the wildlife biologist who is leading the bird studies. The are most concerned about the peregrine falcon nesting, and the common murres that nest on the cliffs below the road.

The female peregrine was sitting right at the top of the promontory above the major roadcut, but didn't fly until we were leaving (I didn't get any shots of that this time).

The weather was pretty nice, a bit breezy, but cloudy enough out to sea that you couldn't really see the Farralones today.

At the north end, the old gate up onto Pedro Mountain has been replaced with a new one. I'll try to figure out why, and see if we can get it opened. To make things worse, on the side coming down into the park from the mountain, was a sign saying "No Public Access"!

All images Copyright © 2014 by Dave Olson unless otherwise noted. Pictures are taken mostly on my iPhone 5S, and most have links to the google map location where they were taken (if the GPS worked).

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DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-130406.mp4 Movie 33 Seconds (12MB)
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DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-131606 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-131635 thumbnail If you look at the large version of this, you make out the female peregrine falcon sitting right on top, in front of the tree. The nesting area is normally in the light streak of rock where there have been recent rock falls.
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-132322.mp4 Movie 19 Seconds (6.7MB)
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DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-133738.mp4 Movie 42 Seconds (16MB)
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DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-134304 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-134310 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-134338 thumbnail The rock slide just to right of center here is the (blasted closed) south portal of the old Ocean Shore RR tunnel.
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-134434.mp4 Movie 35 Seconds (13MB)
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DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-135000.mp4 Movie 56 Seconds (21MB)
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DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-140218 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-140227 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-140305 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-140315 thumbnail Some of the really squeezed and distorted layers of shale, probably due to the various faults in this area (San Andreas, San Gregoria, Pilarcitos).
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-140342 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-140457 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-140549 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-140555 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-141230 thumbnail The new gate blocking the road up to Pedro Mountain.
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-141247 thumbnail Looking north from the new gate blocking the road up to Pedro Mountain. There's a temporary holding area for dirt, covered by plastic.
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-141309 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-141405 thumbnail
DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-141551 thumbnail
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DevilsSlide-PreOpening_2014-02-16-141706.mp4 Movie 55 Seconds (20MB)
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