11/12 Jul 2009

Pictures during the Seattle to Portland Bike Ride, with TJ, Greg, Marci, and 9995 others, 2009

These movies and pictures were mostly taken while I was riding the bike, so some are less than ideal, but I've kept these to remind us of the ride, more than the quality of the pictures.

Greg's pictures of the ride are here, on Picasa

> Click on pictures for a larger image, usually around 700 pixels.
Full size images, 5 Mpixel (2560x1920) or 7 Mpixel (3072x2304) are
available if you would like them. Taken with my Panasonic Lumix TZ3
All images Copyright © 2009 by Dave Olson unless otherwise noted.

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    Friday night, on the field next to the start line (where we camped)

     Movie (32MB)
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  10. thumbnail of STP_2009-07-10-2011_14.jpgLife Flight copter (based where we camped)
  11. thumbnail of STP_2009-07-10-2012_15.jpgRainier

  12. Saturday morning, 05:45 AM, waiting to start

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  25. First food and rest stop, REI in Kent

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  33. Tenaino bike trail (13.5 miles long), along old railroad grade

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  40.  Movie (23MB)
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  42. Beer Garden in Centralia, just short of half-way; we took a break here (watching Tour de France video)

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  44. Overnight at Chehalis park, pancake breakfast in the morning, thunder and lightning just before we got going the next morning. Didn't take any pictures for some reason.

    Just after we got started, we had light rain, then a bit of sleet, then it cleared up. Marci, who left just before us, had a bit of hail as well as sleet.

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  56.  Movie (20MB)Headed up Lewis and Clark bridge over the Columbia, last moments in Washington
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  61. Now headed SE along the Columbia (Hwy 30) towards Portland

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  67.  Movie (13MB)
  68.  Movie (42MB)
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  71. Portland City Limits!

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  75.  Movie (18MB)
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  82.  Movie (11MB)

    bridge over the freeway and tracks

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  88.  Movie (46MB)Traffic jam! Narrow ramp onto last (Broadway) bridge, over the Willamette
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  94.  Movie (22MB)
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  96.  Movie (27MB)Halliday Park, Finished!
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