1 Aug 2009

TJ, Greg, and Dave rode up to the top (Dave stopped about 2 1/2 short due to cramps), temperature hit mid-80s, and then multiple flats on the way down, all at same place.

We got a rather late start (after a fine breakfast provided by Casey, with the rest of the riders, who were headed out the Portola valley loop). Given the higher than predicted temperature on Mt Hamilton, the late start was somewhat unfortunate (although we saw fog over Monterey Bay, as we got higher up the mountain.

I took lots of pictures, experimenting with my new Sony H20 camera, particularly while waiting for TJ and Greg to reach the summit and return. Lots of somewhat strange exposure settings due to the experimentation (and that's why so many similar pictures, I've only culled out the really bad shots). A fair number of pictures were taken while I was riding; I'm pretty happy with the image stabilization on the Sony H20.

This was my first use of Casey's old bike rack, so a few pictures of that as well, to start off.

Click on pictures for a larger image, usually around 700 pixels.
Full size images, 5 Mpixel (2560x1920) or 7 Mpixel (3072x2304), or 10 MPixel (3648 x 2736) are
available if you would like them. Taken with my Panasonic Lumix TZ3 or Sony H20 (all on this page are H20).

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  57. This was my first long rest trying to deal with cramps. After some ibuprofen, massage, and wandering around pictures, I tried to continue, but only went another 1/4 mile or so.

    thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1405.jpg

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  64. And the next stop, where I waited until TJ and Greg returned, bringing me more water and some fruity chews, both much appreciated!

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  131. thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1520.jpg
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  134. thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1520c.jpg
  135. thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1520d.jpg

  136. And now TJ and Greg came riding down, and shortly we were back on the road, heading down.

  137. thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1525.jpg
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  147.  Movie (7.0MB)
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  178.  Movie (9.1MB)
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  201. thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1624c.jpg
  202. thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1625.jpg
  203. thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1625a.jpg
  204. thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1625b.jpg

  205. The scene of the flat repair comedy. TJ's rear tire had a slow leak that became rapid, so he changed the tire. As we were getting ready to depart, Greg noticed his front tire had gone flat. Goatshead thorn (probably hit it while wheeling his bike over to the shoulder). Checked the tire, replaced the tube with his spare. The spare turned out to have a hole, so one more change, using my spare. After this little comedy, it was all a smooth ride down the fairly new pavement and back to the car at Alum Rock Road.

  206. thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1630.jpg
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  226. thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1649c.jpg
  227.  Movie (8.6MB)
  228. thumbnail of MtHamiltonRide_2009-08-01-1653.jpg

  229. And back on the road, for the final downhill.

  230.  Movie (9.9MB)
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